Who can help me solve this family mystery?

Have a Isabella Maria / Maria Isabella van Druten born May 23, 1874 (Beaufort West?).
Father: Johannes Christiaan van Druten died in 1874.
Mother: Martha Cornelia Frederika Wolhuter.

She would have a child at 1-1-1907??, Johan Andries van Druten also named Isaac Andrew Swanepoel/Zwanepoel (name of his aunt).
(Johan made the tree in the album.)
Who was the father of the son?
The family story told that it must be a member of a royal family.
But if that is true ???
He would have been about 1906 on a secret mission in SA.
If this is true?

There is something strange in my eyes on the birth date of the son.
1-1-1907 seems to me a date that they did not know exactly when the son was born.
But if I'm right ????

Child went to an aunt, Isabella Maria Swanepoel (= van Druten born 7-4-1849 died in 1931) and adopted.
She is the wife Jan Andries F Swanepoel, dead in 1907.
Isabella Maria van Druten (born 1874)died in 1907 Salt River Cape Town????, while giving birth to her son ???
She is not married ??
Isabella where dit she live....
Where dit she died??

But there is another Isabella Maria, born in 1866, died in 1907.
Much confusion with her.

I made the following photo album so we can see what we already know.

many people have helped me,  Johan van Breda - Debbie Pretorius - linda Farrell and all the others I've forgotten

I thank them all.

The website page:  http://www.vandruten.eu/Druten03/Druten03.html

van Druten
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Isabella Maria